InSDB Biennial Meeting 2017

June 24 - 27, 2017 at IISER Pune, India

Data Sharing Policy

In order to encourage participants of InSDB2017 to present raw and/or unpublished data in Seminars and Posters, we as a community, will strictly follow the following policies during the meeting.

  1. The local organizers (IISER) will not collect video of any talk/seminar at the meeting. Exceptions to the above (such as keynote talks), will be announced in advance, along with the permission of the speaker.Any collection of audio/video or photography by the participants is also prohibited.
  2. The Abstract book will (only) be available as a print copy. PDF files will NOT be uploaded on the Internet or the InSDB2017 Web-Page by the organizers. This allows researchers to describe unpublished data in their Abstracts.
  3. All Photography (even self photography of your 'own' poster) is prohibited in the poster area.